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Sintratec Kit

The Kit for productive prototyping

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The Sintratec Kit is the world’s first and only assembly kit in the field of Selective Laser Sintering and comes at an unbeatable price. The printer is easy to operate and especially suitable for the production of functional prototypes.

Incl. 1 kg Sintratec powder of your choice (PA12 / TPE)

Max. Printvolume 110 x 110 x 110 mm
Recommended Printvolume 90 x 90 x 90 mm
Laserspeed 5 – 20 mm/s 
Layer height 100 – 150 Mikrometer 
Temperature 80 – 150 °C 

Lead time: Sold out - Available again from October 2023

For deliveries to the US, Canada and Mexico: We kindly ask you to contact our partner 3DChimera from Miami (FL), USA. 

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